Fit & Care

Here are 4 simple steps to make your new hair fit properly

1- Tie back long hair with clips and pins,

2- Holding it at the back, place the hairpiece near the forehead,

3- Pull it on like a swimming cap, toward the neck,

4- Position the hairpiece at the hairline and the neck, then style with your fingers or a special antistatic brush.

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Nos conseils d’entretien

1- Dilute a capful of shampoo in warm water (37°/98°F),

2-  Immerse and agitate gently. Do not rub,

3- Rinse well, changing the water at least 3 times. Once thoroughly rinsed, pat try with a towel and place on the wig drying stand. It will be ready to wear in 3 hours.

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