An expert will greet you personally.

Relax in a private, comfortable room and enjoy a feeling of well-being while you convey your needs and wishes to your Any d’Avray consultant.

Our charter of support:1.Our Any d’Avray advanced styling experts (visagist expert) pledge to uphold the charter of customer rights and hairpiece vendor duties.2.Make an appointment at one of our salons and we will guide and advise you on your choice.3.The role of the advanced styling expert is to listen to you and provide solutions adapted to your expectations.4.Our expert will remain attentive to your needs until after your hair grows back again and needs a cut.5.Your expert will advise you on every aspect, from fitting to care and maintenance. This first appointment is the best time to ask all your questions, in complete confidence: about the process, the hairpieces, after-sale service, and much more. You’ll walk away with total peace of mind.

Our promise to you:Our profession is to guide you through all the steps following the loss of your hair. You can count on your consultant, a trustworthy expert who will follow you personally from the very first appointment until your hair grows back. All our salons are equipped to offer you the widest selection possible. You can try on different models with our guidance, and, just like in a hair salon, we can help you style and personalize your selection with a few snips here and a few brush strokes there. Throughout this appointment, which is completely dedicated to your well-being, we will give you tips on fitting, maintenance and daily styling of your new replacement hair. 

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